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Sword of the Samurai (DOS - 1989): Table for Cheat Engine {eien}

Table Version: 1.0.0
Date: 30 Jan 2020
+ Duel - God Mode
+ Battle - God Mode
+ Melee - God Mode
+ Melee - Fast Reload
+ Player Stats (Name, Age, Honor, Territory, Troop Size, Generalship, and Swordmanship)

Comments: There were a few challenges to developing this one. First, since this is a DOS game, it run on DosBox which emulates 16-bit assembly. As a consequence, CE's own debugger wasn't too helpful. I ended up using DOSBox's own debugger, manually finding code caves and handwriting the 16-bit assembly code. The second challenge is that the game uses different executables, one per mini-game (i.e., melee, duel and battle). Therefore I had to create a timer that checks every second which binary is running and applying the correct patch, given the options activated by the user. I spent around a week doing the debugging, and around a week trying to learn Lua and CE scripting. Overall, it went pretty well.

Next steps: There's a few more options I'd like to explore like "superspeed" on maps and melee to make them a bit less tedious. Also, to always use the bow in melee, since the sword kinda sucks. If you have other suggestions, let me know. These are less impactful and more complex mods, so I may take longer to update the next version of this table.

Requests: If you'd like me to take a look at another DOS oldie that hasn't been properly cheated yet, let me know. I make no promises on delivery (life is hectic), but I'll do my best. If you wanna buy me such game, I'd be even happier to take a look. Of my own volition, I plan to tackle Syndicate (Bullfrog - 1993) next.

Author: eien

The source of information - Sword of the Samurai

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