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Tales of Maj'Eyal: Table for Cheat Engine {AlexS}

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Table for editing a large number of player characteristics, enemies and allies. For GOG version 1.5.10.

How to use. Please read this carefully.
In the game, right-click on any character, the "Actions" menu will open. Activate the script. In the table in the drop-down list in the "----->" row, select what you want to change. The letter in brackets after the name corresponds to the name of the tab where this value is shown. In the "Activ" line, select "Yes", then go to "Inspect Creature" (the name of the selected character will appear in the "Name" line) and switch to the appropriate tab. In the line ">>>" the selected value will appear, and "Activ" will change back to "No". When selecting "+ Stats [G]" all values of this group will appear in a separate bottom field of the table.
Depending on the selected feature, the value may appear immediately even without entering the menu (for example, the value "Life" appears immediately) or when you hover the cursor on a character, it may appear only after observing any game conditions (for example, "Air" appears only if there is an incomplete scale "Air"; the values of "Points" do not appear at the entrance, but at the exit from the tab "LevelUp", etc.), may appear when receiving or causing damage, when changing positive and negative statuses, etc. Also some specific values may appear only after a certain stage of the game or only for a certain class of character, or not even appear at all.
IMPORTANT. The game often changes the addresses of the values, sometimes every turn, so edit the found values immediately, on the same turn. If, after finding the value, you have made at least one move, then in order to avoid accidental game crashes, it is recommended to repeat the search. After editing, be sure to deactivate the script.
Note. Sometimes in rare cases, if there is an ally nearby, incorrect address search may be triggered when the corresponding values of a partner appear in the table instead of the values of the selected player.

Author: AlexS

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