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Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition - Table for Cheat Engine (Steam) {nightmare3}

the table has: 
2-cooking (hanger+multiplier)
3-character Stats (each character alone + Art used and lv)
4-Inventory item (entry my point in the game divided by Inventory screen)
5-Battle ( player hp , tp {use hold with increase option work for me} + battel multiplier (exp , art , LP , OL and Item Drop}

update v6 :
1- update Inventory to include all Item, all Equipment, all Food, all Synthesis Materials, all Key Items, all Attachments and all DLC.
2- update Item List.

1- i need some one to make the drop down list (i don't know how).
2- i will not make list for art (i can make character art only list. I will not make enemy art there is like 3000 art there) 


Author: nightmare3

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