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Tavern of Gods: Table for Cheat Engine {SilverRabbit90}

Table contains:


- No initial cooldown for Skills /V2
- Instant Cooldown Skills /V2

- Set Time to 0
- Block Time

- Duble your money on spend
- Set money to 1000000000 on spend
- Add 100 Money, Strange Gem, Voucher, ecc... on spend
- Money, Strange Gem, Voucher, ecc... don't decrease on spend

- Add 100 Blessing instead losing it
- Don't consume Blessing

- Free Follower Loot doesn't decrease
- Add 100 Free Follower Loot on use

- Skills don't decrease under 1
- Infinite Battle Timer
- Set Leadership to 1000000000 on gain

Author: SilverRabbit90

The source of information - Tavern of Gods

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