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Teamfight Manager: Table for Cheat Engine {cremuzz}

Options :

  • Massive training points
  • Gold

Details :

  • Gold : After activate this script , go to Team > Recruitment > Search Local Talent and try to search a player and Gold change to 50 million
  • Massive training points : After activate this script , go to Team > Training and try to increase ATK (for example) , after increase ATK your training point go to massive number (but you maybe wondering why the attack attributes not increase at all , don't worry) after increase ATK go pass/proceed Recruitment Period 1 time . go back to Team > Training and look your character ATK , it increase 5000 - 8000 (if i'm not mistaken) . after ATK gain now reset your training . the training points back to normal but the ATK on your character still stay at 5000 - 8000 .. if you make it stay on massive number and proceed more than 5 battle or recruitment period , your character attributes go to negative number.

Author: cremuzz

The source of information - Teamfight Manager

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