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Terraria: Table for Cheat Engine {GhostNT}

Table update for AMD. Included update Intel table
Unlock Journey menu [Unlocked FarPlacementRange and DifficultySlider. Now all options work.]
LocalPlayer [Fix outdated offsets.]
Extend Reach (x10)
Force Prefix
More Minions
More Sentries
Disable Add Buffs [Was rewrited and now using structure "player" for offsets.]

Allow Stacked Accessories [It worked incorrectly, broke Right click item increase amount, and maybe something else.]

Increase Tools Speed (pickaxe, axe, hammer)
Increase Block Placement Speed
Allow Extra Accessories Slots (Expert + Master)
Damage to friendly NPCs
Invincible friendly NPCs (also for Damage to friendly NPCs) [They ignoring any damage and buffs.]
Replacing Spawned Items ID (Allowed ID 1-5044, 0 - not replace)
Show ActiveWorld, Info for Creating (Only read)

Unlock Journey menu > Unlock Journey powers for all difficulties
Allow Stacked Accessories > Allow Equip Duplicate Accessories
Allow Non-Vanity Accessories to Vanity Slots > Allow Equip Non-Vanity Accessories to Social Slots
No Drop Banners > Don't Drop Banners
All projectiles Ignore Water > All projectiles Ignore liquid

The second table contains things that need improvement, for which I do not have time. Perhaps this is useful to someone else.

Replacing Spawned NPC ID (0 - not replace) [Affects the bestiary. It will never be able to work with multi-part NPCs. You also need to remember about despawn.]
Drop almost all [Perhaps also affects the bestiary. Broken chains of rules and the rules themselves 100% work. Were not broken, the rules of choosing one thing from the set. Even without this, too many things drops. I did not combine it into one script, just activate them all.]
LocalPlayer [Turning off may cause the game to crash. Added Item Editor that supported all player's slots. Select the desired slot using Item Slot.]

Author: GhostNT

The source of information - Terraria

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