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Terraria: Table for Cheat Engine v1.3.5.3 {Cowtow}

Some notes:

  • Since this is much less likely to get updates from common users, I added details to a bunch (but not all) of the scripts with step-by-step instructions on how I updated them so others with less knowledge can fix it behind me.
  • For some reason, certain addresses in the 64bit version of tModLoader don't load until after you have done something specific. So don't freak out if you use the table and a script doesn't immediately work. You just need to do something and reattach the process to cheat engine once you have finished. a list includes:
    • Fishing scripts require you to catch a fish first.
    • Functional Social Slots requires that you first open the menu and highlight an item.
    • Disable Collision requires you to take damage first.
  • This is for Intel machines. I don't have an AMD processer with which to test others.
  • I used the steam version of this game.
  • This Will Not Work on the 32bit version of tModLoader.
  • Since I found these values with a heavily modded version of tModLoader64bit. It's possible some of these won't work for you. If you have a problem give me a holler.

Author: Cowtow

The source of information - Terraria

DOWNLOAD (44.6 Kb) 2021-Mar-29

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