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The Bard's Tale IV: Director's Cut - Table for Cheat Engine +9 {gideon25}

This was made with the steam version updated to November of 2019. It may also work with the GOG version, so post here and let others know whether it works. Make sure you attach the table to BardsTale4-Win64-Shipping.exe!

To use the character editor, toggle the script and pull up the inventory, then cycle thru the different characters. The stats don't stick thru savegame loads and revert regularly so youll have to freeze the values after you edit, then after game loads/area loads/some battles/ just pull up the inventory and cycle thru your characters and since the stuff is frozen it should change back to what it was frozen to. The XP DOES stick so you can force yourself to level up!

To have a "godmode" lite or the one hit kill FIRST you MUST edit/freeze your minimum and current health for all characters (even if its just to a value of 20-I have a pull down of 500 you can use), then activate the Battle Health script. When you start a battle, the value under battle health will populate, thats when you should set that value to the the same one as you edited and froze your characters to. After that just keep it frozen and cycle thru the characters in the inventory screen when you need to and you are good.

The other options work as described. To set the inventory items to x99, activate script and just mouse over everything you want. Toggle the inventory then back again and you'll see you have 99 of everything you moused over.

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