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The Company Man: Table for Cheat Engine {PeaceBeUponYou}


  • Scripts:
    • Damage Modifier ;Adds specified damage value into basic value. Good for One Hit Kill/Easy Kill
    • Disable Gravity :Disables Gravity, Allows you to fly.


  • The script Damage Modifier, adds damage to the basic damage, specified in the pointer value. DO NOT forget to make player invincible first!
  • Disable Gravity; Disables gravity, hence after a jump you will not fall to the ground!
  • Almost all the attributes are covered in Pointers section. Here are some important:
    • Player Main->_health->Invulnerable ;Flags invincibility
    • Player Main->_controller->_currentGravity ;Current Gravity [Different from Original Gravity in _player], changes with players height
    • Player Main->_energy->_guiManager -> Health GUI Color ;Color of Health Bar ;Needs to change to refresh
    • Player Main->_energy->_currentEnergy
    • Player Main->_horizontalMovement->MovementSpeed ;Movement speed of player (horizontal)
    • Player Main->_horizontalMovement->AllowFlipInTheAir ;Flags direction change in air
    • Player Main->_horizontalMovement->Allow Flip ;Flags general direction change
    • Player Main->_jumpAbility->NumberOfJumps ;Number of jumps player have
    • Player Main->_jumpAbility->JumpHeight ;Jump height (vertical) per jump
    • Player Main->_meleeAbility->DamageCaused ;Damage caused by that weapon
    • Player Main->_meleeAbility->Knockback ;Melee attack knockback effect
    • Player Main->_shootAbility->CurrentWeapon->Spread ;Weapon's Spread
    • Player Main->_shootAbility->CurrentWeapon->EnergyBased ;Flags if the weapon use energy!
    • Player Main->_shootAbility->CurrentWeapon->EnergyConsumption ;Amount of energy consumed per shot
    • Player Main->_shootAbility->CurrentWeapon->RecoilOnShoot ;Flags if weapon have recoil
    • Player Main->_gameManager->CurrentLives ;Number of lives the player has before game-over
    • Player Main->_coupon ;Coupon's Count

Author: PeaceBeUponYou

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