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The Evil Within 2: Table for Cheat Engine +16 v1.05 {Cielos}

- health still drop when you're being hit but you won't die.
- can still be instant-killed if you're in low health.

no instant kill
- enemies can't instant kill you when you're in low health.
- doesn't protect you from those instant kill that disregard your health, or script kill.

inf stamina
- stamina won't drop below the specified min stamina.

ignore ammo clip
- you can still fire any guns with zero ammo clip, or without any fuel for flame-thrower.
- ammo clip still drop until it reaches zero.
- change arrow no reload? to "yes" would let you have inf. arrows as well.

ignore ammo/arrow pouch
- reload the ammo clip to its maximum capacity regardless of the remaining pouch.
- you don't need any ammo pouch to reload guns.
- you still need at least 1 arrow pouch to reload crossbow.
- ammo pouch still decrease until it reaches 0 when you reload.
- arrow pouch still decrease until it reaches 1 when you reload.

inf. item
- by script default, when activated, you'll have unlimited usage of healing items and throwing bottles (either by throwing them or used as the anti-grab defence).
- item's quantity would still drop until it reaches 1.
- set axe? to "yes" to have infinite usage of axe as well.
- note that when axe? is set to "yes", axe on the floor won't disappear after you picked one up.
- set all? to "yes" to let the script cover all items, both on the ground and in your bag.

ignore gel / weapon parts
- you can upgrade yourself/weapons without any gel or weapon parts (High-Grade or normal).
- gel / weapon parts quantities would still decrease until they reach zero.

ignore craft components
- you can craft anything without any component.
- quantity of the component used would still decrease until it reaches zero.

senseless lady ghost
- need to activate stealth mod first.
- when activated, the lady ghost won't notice you at all, while she would still go about her patrol path as usual.
- there is a specific point towards the end of the game where you may find the enemies won't show up and the game seems stuck:


- when the above happened, just deactivate this script and reload from the auto-save and you'd be fine.
- there is at least one point that you'll have to be caught by the ghost to proceed the game. so when you found yourself lock in a room with the ghost for way too long, try deactivate the script to let her catch you. 

senseless zombies
- need to activate stealth mod first.
- by script default, the zombies are blind when you're sneaking, while they can still hear things, e.g., the distraction you made by throwing bottle, you firing guns, etc.
- they will stop attacking when you go sneak even if they have spotted you before you go sneak.
- you can change sense level to "senseless" to make the zombies ignore you completely.
- change the method to "always" would always force the sense level you set on the zombies without the need to go sneak first.
- as pre hyperspeedgx request, choose "always" for method, "hell" for sense level, once an enemy sees you, it will tails you forever until it's killed, or killed you.
- won't affect the lady ghost.

all special skills available
- allows you to use all special skills without learning them first.
- should be useful when you are playing Classic game mode, while the self upgrade is removed.

inf. save
- allows you to save as many times as your want in Classic game mode (set save times at zero everytime you save).

- need to activate movement mod first.
- press numpad0 + numpad. to toggle no-clip.
- when activated, use WSAD+mouse to move around, R to move straight up, F to move straight down.
- when activated, hold Shift to move faster, CapsLock to move slower.

walk key
- need to activate movement mod first.
- when activated, hold CapsLock key and move to walk.

unlock Bethesda.net options
- when activated, makes the game believe you've logged in to Bethesda.net, and you can use the cheats in the option and/or using the Akumu mode.

pick up
- I FORGOT what this script does, and I haven't tested this one yet. it was a script with no aobscans implemented. I just updated this with aobscans so that it works on 1.05.
- my guess is it allows you to pick up items even if you have reached the max stack allowed. not sure though.


Author: Cielos

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