THE GODFATHER: Table for Cheat Engine {Ruff Ghanor}

The instructions on how to use it are on the table, but here's how to do it as well:

  • Attach the opened game to the table
  • Click in CompactMode (optional)
  • Click "Find Coordinates"
  • Press * to lock character Z axis otherwise the character might fall out of the world
  • Activate "Find Waypoint"
  • Go to ingame map and place the waypoint on a street, otherwise you could fall out of the world
  • Press "Insert" to move the character to the waypoint coordinates
  • Hit * again to release the character Z axis

Some places might be lower or higher, which can also lead the character to fall OOW, luckily it seems there is no fall damage since the game wasn't designed to do so.

Author: Ruff Ghanor

The source of information - THE GODFATHER

DOWNLOAD (10.0 Kb) 2021-Jan-26

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