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The Guild 3: Table for Cheat Engine +35 v0.9.8.1 {gideon25}

Update for using GOG version (hopefully steam will work with it)

v2:Fixed Attribute points address (hopefully)

EDIT: Updated Table to 0.9.8 (601665) ALI/Steam.. SHOULD work with GOG
. Added: Attitudes (which you can see in the dynasty view..not sure what they do but now you can edit them).

If option/table doesn't work for gog 0.9.8 then someone will have to PM me the gog version to test on or wait for me to find it.

The character editor will edit ANY character you click on including employees (ie. you can set speed to 5 for your transport employees and they will move VERY fast)..Not sure if it will stick with enemies but you can play around with it. Almost everything adds to base because if you change the base amount it doesn't stick thru savegame loads. If you edit enemies you can put negative numbers in there.

Author: gideon25

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