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theHunter: Call of the Wild - Table for Cheat Engine {AlexS}

How to use.
Place a waypoint anywhere on the map and close the map. Activate the script "Auto-Waypoint". Press the "~" key. The search mode will turn on, the waypoint will move to the animal, and the properties of this animal (red text) will appear at the bottom of the table. If the animal is moving, then the waypoint will follow it. If the game generates another animal that has a greater percentage of weight than the captured one, the waypoint will automatically move to it. You can block the waypoint on the captured animal, to do this, disable the autosearch with the "Ctrl" + "~" keyboard shortcut. At the top of the table (green text), you can specify the gender, class and minimum rating of animals, then the script will search only for those animals that meet the specified conditions. If no such animal is found, the waypoint remains on the last captured animal.
When any animal in the player's location dies, the search mode is disabled, the waypoint moves to the killed animal and is blocked so that the player can find and pick up the trophy. If there are several dead animals, after taking a trophy, the waypoint is automatically moved to the next trophy. The search mode cannot be activated until the player has collected all the trophies.
With the "=" key you can reset the health of the captured animal, then it will die immediately and you can take the trophy. Use on injured animals that are difficult to track and catch. If used on a healthy animal, then it will die, but the player will not receive bonuses for the trophy.
To temporarily enable/disable automatic waypoint control, set "Act." value "Yes/No" or use the "Home" and "End" keys. When the control is disabled, the autosearch of animals works as usual, but the waypoint does not move from the place indicated on the map.
Note. In rare cases (when the player is removed from the captured animal or trophy at a distance much more than 400 meters, when the player teleports to another location, etc.), autosearch can be blocked on the lost animal. Press and hold the "~" key to reset the search.

Author: AlexS

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hello how can i remove the skill points and perk points? cause now i have all the time 99 skill points and perk please.