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The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game: Table for Cheat Engine {SilverRabbit90}


- Pointer for Studs

- Script for Add 50k Studs each time get a Stud

- Script to Get a lot of Hp after die

- Script for Infinite Hp (Deactive against bosses, you can't kill them)

- Script for Infinite combo duration

- Script for Set Combo to 999

- Script for Walking in mid-air Low

- Script for Walking in mid-air High

- Script to Jump High (Press hotkey and jump)

- Script Set Dojo studs 1 m (Million)

- Script Set Dojo studs 1 B (Billion)

- Script Countdown Canceled

- Script Instant Construct

- Script Instant interaction pussh

- Script Easy kill V1 and V2

- Script Eas1y kill V

- Script Quick kill boss

- Script Skip Counter kill/action request

- Script for Instant Interact (Deactive after use) (Game skripts like movies are faster)

Author: SilverRabbit90

The source of information - The LEGO Ninjago Movie

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