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The Long Dark: Table for Cheat Engine {JLee3D}

* Map & Survey > Map Options (show player/zoomed/center on player)

  - shows the player location/direction in the map, zoomed and centered on player

  - from earlier requests

* PLAYER > Backpack & Inventory > [Backpack] MAX Carry Capacity

  - enable and set your maximum carry capacity (kg)

  - from earlier requests

* PLAYER > Player Game Values (Speed/GodMode/Etc) > Player Speed

  - set the player's movement speed

  - from latest requests

* PLAYER > Player Game Values (Speed/GodMode/Etc) > PlayerMovement (Return to Game to Populate)

  - editable values for player movement constants

  - useful when setting player speed above but you don't want very fast speeds indoors

    i.e. '5' player speed and '0.2' indoor speed is a good combination

  - will reset upon changing locations/regions, lock the values to retain changes

  - I will let you experiment on what values are good for your playthrough

  - return to game after enabling to populate the values

* PLAYER > Player Game Values (Speed/GodMode/Etc) > PlayerManager (Return to Game to Populate)

  - options (dropdown) are: invisibility to wildlife, god mode, force AI flee and cheat flag toggle

  - not sure what the 'cheat flag' is used in-game but been using it to mark my saves as not cheating

    but might also enable some developer 'functionalities' (not sure about achievements)

  - return to game after enabling to populate the values

  - from latest requests

Author: JLee3D

The source of information - The Long Dark

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Hi! Have you updated the table for v1.93?