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The Long Dark: Table for Cheat Engine v1.2 Steam {Chiados}

Current Known Issues

Craft Anywhere
If the script is left on all the time, it can cause undesirable effects such as greying out crafting buttons making you unable to craft anything. Make sure you turn it off after following instructions for it. Loading into a new interior or leaving one to go outside may reset the crafting grid back to normal. You need to repeat the steps each time you load into a new area.

Instant Cure Nimal Hides/Guts
Leaving this script on all the time, even when not using it, may break any interaction that has a duration of 1.5 seconds or more. Example: Turning on a storm lantern. It can break the animation. Use it only when you need to then turn it off.

Survey Shows Entire Map
You need to turn this script on, survey something and then turn it off and survey again. You may need to close and open the map a few times as well but it does function. It just functions strangely.

Doors/Containers Always Unlocked
Anything requiring a prybar will not be unlocked. Turning this off while inside a locked building will make the door locked again. Make sure you keep it on at all times.

Author: Chiados

The source of information - The Long Dark

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