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  • Instant Achievement Unlocker *
  • Achievement Helper **
  • Always Able to Travel ***

* Will instantly unlock any achievement that you made progress on. For example, if you damage 1 enemy, it will unlock achievements for 100000, 10000, and 100.

** Full list will populate when you perform an action like place a card or damage an enemy. You can manually edit values "Progress" values. NOTE: Will not unlock if you set it to exactly the "GoalNum". Needs to be at least 1 less.

*** Enable "Get Extras". Now you can set and freeze "IsAbleToTravel" at the value of 1. You can travel without completing the mission objectives.

Note: If all achievements stop unlocking, don't worry - it's just a common bug with this game.
Re-launch the game and immediately go into Tutorial 3. Complete it and your delayed achievements should unlock.

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