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The Outer Worlds: Table for Cheat Engine {Tuuuup!}


Bits/money ptr
No ammo lost
max ammo ptr
Weapon/clip ptr
no Health lost player/companion. Turn off when changing location/loading screen!!!
Health ptr player
No carry weight. Sets it to zero (pick up something)
Weight ptr (max, current and bonus weight)
A special area for Made by Zanzer and his scrips (items glow range etc)
Walk speed. Credits to Made by CheatingMuppet
unl. Tactical time Dilation (ttd) Credits to Made by Idlehands88
unl Shroud
Instant 1 lvl up. Get some xp!
Durability script/ ptr
Companion or player need 1 perk point. Give constant 1 after apply
Player skill/ xp/perks points ptr. No need to go to inventory
Max xp tree ptr.(get xp) for fun

Author: Tuuuup

The source of information - The Outer Worlds

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