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The Outer Worlds: Table for Cheat Engine {Zanzer}

All scripts should work on both Epic and Windows versions.

Unlimited Item Use
- Trash to Duplicate Items
Unlimited Holographic Shroud
Unlimited Durability
No Reload
Unlimited TTD
No Hunger
No Thirst
No Fatigue
Enable Save Game
Enable Fast Travel
Enable Auto Save
Walk Speed thanks CheatingMuppet
Crouch Speed
Run Speed
Unlock Fast Travel Locations
Item Glow Radius thanks CheatingMuppet
Interact Distance
Instant Reputation (when earned)
Reputation Pointer
Mouseover Inventory Pointer
- Quantity
- Level
- Durability
Mouseover Equipment Pointer
Player Pointer
- Experience
- Skill Points
- Perk Points
- Skills (Bonus)
- Skills (Invested)
- Attributes (Bonus)
- Health
Companion Pointer
- Perk Points
- Health

Author: Zanzer

The source of information - The Outer Worlds

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