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The Settlers 4: History Edition - Table for Cheat Engine {Csimbi}

The table contains one script only, which gives you:
God Mode; for settlers and warships at least, I did not check vehicles (don't use those).
One-hit kill; for settlers and warships at least, I did not check vehicles (don't use those).
Indestructible Buildings; basically, god mode for your buildings.
Min. Mana; So you'd never run out. Player check is included, AI still cheats though (via other means).
Skip Site Prep; you will not need to prepare a building site with shovels; cuts down build times a lot and eliminates the need for shovels.
Build Res. Override; The building blueprints you place will require only 1 of each resource, so it builds very quickly. Note: causes crash when loading a game with a hacked building! So, don't save (or don't load a save) while you have incomplete hacked buildings. I included two modifier keys in case you need to get rid of boards and stones: 1) Hold LeftControl while placing a blueprint to require 100 boards, or 2) Hold RightControl while placing a blueprint to require 100 stones and watch your settlers clearing away the clutter 
Full Resource Drops; any production building will produce the specified number of resources in one go. So, your weaponsmith makes 7 swords from 1 iron and 1 coal, your goldsmith makes 7 gold bars the same way, toolsmiths, bakery, etc. and other production buildings will work the same way. Supercharges your economy with more or less infinite resources. I chose 7 as default just because, feel free to make it 8. There's a separate setting for sawmills because it is easier to make room for buildings when they produce less boards in one go. I noticed every now and then an item gets stuck in the output pile (toolsmith, typically) but it does not seem to cause any issues.

Skip Site Prep combined with Build Res. Override allows you to build military buildings real quick, solving the fast expansion problem. If you tear a building down after it expanded the border, you even get the resources required for the next building nearby.

I finished all campaigns and the addon CD with these, so it's been playtested and it works.
But, again, watch out for the crash with hacked construction resource piles.
Let the constructions complete before you save and then you won't have to worry about crashing a few mins after loading a save.

The table is signed to avoid CE prompt for auto-attach script.

Author: Csimbi

The source of information - The Settlers 4: History Edition

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