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The War of The Ring: Table for Cheat Engine +10 v1.01.0011 {Shepardeon}

Anyway here's the cheats that are included (must select "Cheats" to show make them visible in CT):

Those cheats will affect only the player

  • Free Food: Makes it so everything costs nothing in food
  • Free Iron: Makes it so everything costs nothing in iron
  • Free Pop: Allows to have unlimited population
  • Infinite Fate: Instantly puts you and keeps you to 7 fate points
  • Unlimited Power: Allows you to cast a fate power even if the previous one wasn't finished (enables you to create Ent/Balrog armies)
  • Player units God Mod: As the name says, comes with a variant enabling one hit kills on enemies
  • Player buildings God Mode + Instant Build: As the name says + same variant as before

Those cheats will affect every players (even AIs)

  • Instant Unit Train: As the name says
  • Instant Research - Buildings: Instant research for every building upgrades
  • Instant Research - Units: Instant research for every unit upgrades

I've also left some variable that you can toy around if you wish:
Food, Iron, Max Pop, Current Pop, Fate Points and Can Use Power

To note: I'm playing with the widescreen fan patch.

Author: Shepardeon

The source of information - The War of The Ring

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