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theHunter: Call of the Wild - Table for Cheat Engine v.1771879 Cuatro Colinas {pigeon}

Table update for TruFallow update (after Saseka Safari Trophy Lodge DLC release)
- deleted scripts such as Player_and_Animals_Freeze (no real point to use that) and "Tracer Arrows - HeadLamp - Other Lights _RGB Settings" with "Bullet Time". Bullet Camera is just seems useless since bullets are not rendering. Tracer Arrows RGB colors looks fun, but personally I don't use that, so if anyone want that, I can update and include it;
- added to "Exposure_Manual" switcher which freeze exposure value. Can be useful for using with SRWE when you want for some reason to combine 2 or more images later with the same exposure value;
- moving back "Freeze Ducks" script. Every update it's broken and bit hard to find again;
- another injection point for "Calm_Animals". So before animals actually can noticing that player somewhere near by or even rotate to player position. For now animals shouldn't react to player at all;
- in "Static Graphic Settings" fixed "Vurhonga Savanna" script, so it should show proper values now;
- added to "noHUD" script for disabling camera rotations with mouse movements;
- added for both "Graphic Settings" and "Static Graphic Settings" group "- - - Copy/Paste". This could be useful if you want to store all the values from the group at once and load it later. For that you need to enable "Copy_Graphic_Dynamic_Values" or "Copy_Graphic_Static_Values" script. It will copy to your clipboard array of bytes, which you need to past in "Template" script (see "Example" script). After that you can enable that Template script and it will past values that you stored here (I'm not native English speaker, so I guess this explanation is terrible. I can record on the video process if someone need it).


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theHunter: Call of the Wild - Table for Cheat Engine v.1771879 Cuatro Colinas {pigeon}
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