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theHunter: Call of the Wild - Table for Cheat Engine v1.45 {pigeon}

Table update for game ver. 1.45

- added "Bullet Time" group of scritps. Still in development and there is few issues. The whole code and logic should be improved/optimized as well, but so far this at least working. For exit from "bullet time" mode after target being hit, you need to press "Q" key. You can change it by editing it on two values that contain "(Q)" on the end (it's just hotkey, that was made with standard CE feature, that send "0" to the value). "Debug values" doesn't change anything, they just showing as "display values".

- added RGB settings for the tracer arrows, headlamp and everything else. Those group of scripts was planed for changing RGB color of tracer arrows only, but when i saw that there is also settings for headlamp and others... why not?

known issue.
"bullet time":
- if you miss the target, you can't exit from "bullet time" mode normally until you hit something. Or you can assign you own hotkey for "Enable" header though, but I'm looking for solution that will allow to do so without toggling scripts;
- animals could stuttering after some amount of time after being hit. It's something that appear after update for the last game version. Will see if I can fix that later;
- few times in the beginning I've got bug when after hitting the target my player model was launched to the sky xD Surprisingly, this was because of lot of calculations in the "Bullet Start Speed and SlowMo mults" script. So i made it shorter and no launches to the sky anymore, but maybe this depends on PC performance...
- no bullets from revolvers and riffles since the game is not rendering them and I guess I can't do anything with it;
- some arrows could clip (disappear) from particular angles of view if you follow them with very short distance offset.
Let me know if you found something else.
- if you try to freeze animals movements with "Player_and_Animals_Freeze" and/or "Animations_Speed" group of scripts, they still could time to time teleport to some distance ahead, especially when they are not in you sight. Can't find why that happen and how to fix that.
- "Animations_Speed" scripts also affect player, but those supposed to be used with the free camera only.

Author: pigeon

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