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This Is the Police 2: Table for Cheat Engine v1.0 {jgoemat}

I've added some cheats (under '> Other Cheats') you can add to yours if you want (Table Extras contents below).


  • > Get Crime Pointer (report false alarms) -> Report Crime/FalseAlarm: When activated and you open the crime dispatch window
    you should hear 'Crime' or 'False Alarm'. If it's a false alarm you can close the window without assigning anyone and it will show
    as a false alarm under messages immediately.
  • Investigation: Frames for guilty only: You will only get picture frames for the guilty party, no need to choose a culprit
  • Sniper always available: Hooks Sniper.set_Energy() to keep him usable all you want every day.

Under 'Get Crime Pointer (report false alarms) I did some LUA work in an AA script I hadn't done before but it seems to work fine. When you open a crime you should hear either 'Crime' or 'False Alarm'. If it's a false alarm, the timer is set to 0.
I'm not sure how well 'Freeze enemies (easy arrest) works
for actually freezing enemies, they don't get the stun animation, but when you do an arrest it always succeeds. There is a
group of scripts under 'Old' that I was tinkering with but that never worked right too.

For the pointers, if you want to inspect values for GameState, Employee, or Crime,
copy the address to the structure dissector and select the structure or create a new
* CTRL+M to open memory viewer
* CTRL+D to open structure dissect
* Paste pointer value into an address
* Select structure from menu (GameState, Employee, Crime) or create new structure and it should fill in values automatically

Cheat: Employee Buffs
- Every time the cards during a shift check for updates, i.e. when closing a crime window (assigning or not) or
when someone returns from a mission or is updated for any other reason, buff that employee. Buffs:
* Set all stats to 3, this automatically enables perks for tactical combat and better success at choices
* 1000 happiness, 0 laziness, 6 energy
* At least 1000 professionalism
* If alcoholic, set to cured
* Not drunk, no failed assignments (or in a row)
* Not dead
* hasn't watched cops or civilians die or suspects escape
* Clear call data (instantly available for more calls)

Cheat: Instant travel to crime

Cheat: Freeze enemies (easy arrest)
* In the tactical game, mark enemies as frozen or stunned. Although they won't look it, you can arrest them without fuss

Cheat: Ignore officer issues when assigning
* When assigning officers to a crime, ignore their problems, like being germaphobes, not working with
newbies, not working with women, etc.

Cheat: Instant return from crime
* Should make officers available immediately after completing a call

Cheat: Enable crime options
* Enables all choices except sniper in crimes without the equpiment

Cheat: Gang interrogation always works
* Treats all questions as good so you should always be able to interrogate a gang suspect successfully

Cheat: Investigation gets all clues and frames
* When investigating, this changes it to add a large numbe of frames and clues so you should get
them all in one shot without having to do more

Cheat: Get GameState Pointer
* When the day is in progress and updates, this will get a pointer to the game state. Using structure dissect
* Under 'Jack' you can get lots of stuff like tabs, money, salary, etc.

Cheat: Get Employee Pointer
* During a shift, right-click on an emplooyee to show their stats, alt-tab out and that employee's pointer
will be there. Use structure dissect

Cheat: Get Crime Pointer
* Open the crime window to assign cops to it and it will set this pointer
* Mostly good for the 'IsFalseAlarm' flag so you can see if it is a false alarm you can ignore
* Check 'Report Crime/FalseAlarm' and when you open the window you should hear what type it is, and the timer
gets set to zero so it completes immediately

Cheat: Ignore Arrest Dispatch Requirement
* Like 'Ignore Dispatch Requirement' but for arrests, not crimes

Cheat: Freeze Assignment Timers at 20 seconds
* Freezes assignment timers at 20 seconds if they aren't under a second already (so false alarms can go through)

Cheat: Sniper Always Available
* Found it! Had to hook the set_Energy of the sniper
* If sniper isn't available because he's been arrested, find him under the GameState pointer and clear that flag

Cheat: BlackJackGame:Stand (Zero opponent score)
* Zeroes the opponent's score when you stand, so just make sure you don't go bust if they have 4 points

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