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This is the Police: Table for Cheat Engine {jgoemat}

Got a version running on steam, not exactly like the one in the post...

SCRIPT: BacklogTab:UpdateList
* Enable this, then check 'Mark Backlog Success' and when you open the backlog, all the failed items will turn to success

SCRIPT: Employees
* Enable this, then set the options under it to modify all your employees
* Lets you clear bad things (alcoholism, drunk, lazy), fill energy, see and modify political views, get 100k professionalism, set fast return to the station, and maybe change gender and race (women didn't seem to work for me)

SCRIPT: Assignment Update
* Enable this and the 'Enable Instant Travel' under it to get to the scene fast

SCRIPT: InvestigationScreen:Update
* Enable this and when you open an investigation, it will set the pointer at pInvestigation
* ENABLE the script 'Create thread and run AddFrames 10 times' to do just that, then RE-ENTER the investigation and you should have all the frames you need
* ENABLE the script 'Solve' and it should add all the frames and set them up for you for the last investigation you opened. Re-open the investigation and it should be solved.

SCRIPT: GameState
* Enable this go get the pGameStatePointer and you can edit a wide range of values
* Jack->Money, Salary, Warnings Received, etc.
* Employees->Loyalty, slots
* SWAT->Effectiveness, Endurance, UseCountToday
* GameState->Badges (to hand out), stats
* Mafia->Dissatisfied, LastWarning, InvestigationKillChance, WantsToKillJack, Wars (Old/New points, consecutive days lower points for old maffia, supportingNewMafia flag)


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