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This War Of Mine: Table for Cheat Engine {cfemen}


Activate Cheat Keys
this scripts enables the cheat hotkeys:
shift = toggle game speed
= add all items ( will only work if you are in your base without any open menu )
note : it also does add some kinda useless dev/blank items.
coz this I made a add item filter script, this allows to choose a specific item that you can select from a list,only this item will be added if you press i

all the items in the game that you can choose from:

0:Pistol 1:Shotgun 2:Knife 3:Machinegun 4:Sniper 5:Wood 6:Materials-Components 7:MedIngredents 8:Sugar 9:Tobacco 10:Parts 11:Weaponparts 12:Detergens 13:GunPowder 14:Plants 15:ContainerBig 16:Blade 17:ContainerSmall 18:Coffee 19:ElectricParts 20:Fluorescent 21:HeaterPart 22:Speaker 23:BasicTools 24:AdvancedTools 25:GunsmithTools 26:DismantlingTools_DEPRECATED 27:Pistol_broken 28:Vest_broken 29:Guitar_broken 30:Helmet_broken 31:Machinegun_broken 32:Shotgun_broken 33:ConductPass 34:KarelNote 35:WS2_BroadcastingRadioParts 36:WS2_PhotoAlbum 37:WS3_HeritageItem1 38:WS3_HeritageItem2 39:WS3_Wrench 40:WS3_TruckFuel 41:WS3_CarEngineParts 42:Battery 43:Water 44:Filter 45:Snow 46:HeaterFuel 47:FoodScraps 48:StaleFood 49:RawFood 50:CannedFood 51:CookedFood 52:CookedFood2 53:JaredFood 54:Vegetables 55:Hooch 56:Bandages 57:Alcohol 58:Ammo 59:ShotgunAmmo 60:RifleAmmo 61:PistolShells 62:Meds 63:HerbalMeds 64:HomeGrownTobacco 65:Joint 66:Cigarette 67:QualityJoint 68:TradingItem, 69:Book 70:PlushDog 71:DeadChildToy 72:Crayons 73:AmeliaHoodie 74:PocketTools 75:Shovel 76:LockPick 77:Crowbar 78:Hatchet 79:Helmet 80:Vest 81:Bag 82:SawBlade 83:Key_PharmacyDoor 84:Pickaxe 85:HeatLamp 86:Mixer 87:Termostat 88:BrokenToy 89:SleepingFloor 90:ShelterSleepingFloor

it activates the engine god mode, it basically does a check if a GameEntity has a "Dweller" Tag - if yes : skip the damage on the HPComponent.

Increase Backpack
as title says
while active the backpack has 99 slots

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