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Through The Darkness of Times: Table for Cheat Engine {The Mogician}

Pointer table for:
Stats for the first person (If you want to edit group members other than the first person, do a groupscan, if you throw in the party alliance and whatever the "trait" thing is actually called, it should narrow things down significantly.)
-Party alliance*
-Mission Stats

Inventory slots pointers**: you can edit the number of stuff in each slot

*For Trait and Party Alliance:
Trait 1 Freelancer(pencil symbol) 2 (something but I got no name for it) 3 White collar(bowtie symbol) 4 Worker(wrench symbol) 5 Academic(glasses symbol) 6 (something but I got no name for it)
Parties 0 apolitical 1 anarchist 2 communist 3 social democrat 4 moderate liberal 5 christian liberal 7 catholic conservative 8 monarchist 9 national conservative

**For the inventory pointers: It is kinda weird, I have no idea how this thing works (I did poorly in data structures as a class, sorry). There are 12 slots where you can place stuff but if you move some of the slots around, it will push the whole stack around. I have left 2 blank spots before and after the 12 slots, they should show 6619250 normally but when you move the stuff around, these may get populated. I will see if there is a better workaround for this. The thing also doesn't work from time to time, I'm trying to work it out.

More on the way (hopefully)
Maybe add more pointers for other members of the team
Maybe find out how to change the personal traits (like antsy/athletic yada yada), I think they should be close to the other stats but no luck yet
Maybe supporters/morale if I don't get tired of this game

Author: The Mogician

The source of information - Through The Darkness of Times

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