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Titan Quest - Anniversary Edition: Table for Cheat Engine {mece}

- Loot Mods:
-> Better loot: with max random stats
-> Better loot: with both prefix+suffix
-> Better loot: with more rares from monsters
-> Better loot: with more rares from chests
- Inventory Mods:
-> Edit item under mouse cursor: seed, model, affixes, relic, relic completion bonus
-> Item Editor GUI
- Character Mods:
-> Invincibility
-> Freeze life at maximum
-> Freeze mana at maximum
-> Temporary bonus to strength, dexterity, intelligence
-> Freeze attribute and mastery points at 99
-> Freeze gold at 9,999,999
-> Always met item requirements
-> Temporary bonus to running speed
-> Temporary bonus to attack speed
-> Temporary bonus to cast speed
-> Temporary zero skill cooldown
-> Reset skills & masteries
-> Reset all masteries without resetting skills
-> Mod attribute leveling: spending attr. points returns them & decreases attr. level respectively
-> Quick leveling

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