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Titan Quest - Anniversary Edition: Table for Cheat Engine v2.9 {Neherson}


  • Scripts:
    • Add Sack (up to 3) when clicking "Sort" button in the primary inventory
    • No cooldowns
    • Qualify Any Weapon (any weapon works with any skill)
    • Don't subtract money in Altar of Separation
    • Override Time of Day Calculation (slow down or speed up night/day cycle)
    • Quick Pickup Picks Up Gear
    • Alert On Cooldown End (plays a sound when skills come out of cooldown)
    • Default Pet Behavior To Aggressive
    • Override AngerMultiplier With Pets (makes you a less likely target)
    • Override Max Pets Calculation (have more pets)
    • Refresh Seed On InventorySack Drop with an option to simultaneously complete charms and relics (NOTE: don't have this enabled when opening stash, or BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN)
  • Third-party scripts (adapted from this thread):
    • Better Equipment Random Stats
    • Get Both Prefix and Suffix Always
    • Get Increased Item Rarity/Quantity
    • Formulas Don't Need Reagents
  • Notable Pointers:
    • Player
      • All base attributes including regenerations and speeds
      • Life, Energy, Gold
      • Unallocated Skill and Attribute points
      • Invisible, God and Omnipotent (Infinite Energy) flags
    • Item
      • Seed
    • Skill (including the masteries)
      • Level
    • Game Speed
    • ArmorDefensiveAbsorption
    • MeleeRange, ShortRange, ModerateRange, LongRange, MaximumRange (skill/spell/attack ranges)
    • Camera options (including FOV, max distance and free camera rotation)
    • Time of Day

Author: Neherson

The source of information - Titan Quest - Anniversary Edition

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