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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint - Table for Cheat Engine {SunBeam}


Note that I'm not using some random launcher, as I really got bored of doing RE of all of the fucking EXEs out there to patch some conditional jumps or skip initialization. The method goes as follows:

1) Get Process Hacker and install it. Make sure to launch it with Administrator privileges.
2) Go up top to the right in the GUI where the search field is and type in bes. You'll see Process Hacker filters out the process list and shows only BEService.exe. Right-click it and choose 'Suspend'. (note that after a while, 1 min or so, this resumes back on its own; just in case you wonder why it's not suspended anymore).
3) Grab PC Hunter, unzip it and run it as Administrator. Flip over to the Kernel-Module tab, find BEDaisy.sys in the list (just press b and e keys to get fast to it), right-click and Unload it. Do the same for a driver called pchunterXX.sys. It's important that you unload both! Close PC Hunter.
4) Grab the attached BEDaisy.zip and extract it to a folder of your choice (somewhere on a short path, like D:\).
5) Download and install this Kernel-Mode Driver Loader. Run it as Administrator. Give it the path to your extracted .sys file (e.g.: D:\BEDaisy.sys) and input a name for it in the next field (BEDaisy). Click Load and wait for 2-3s for it to load.
6) Back to Process Hacker, if BEService.exe hasn't resumed already, right-click it and Resume.

That's all. You should now be able to see GRB_UPP.exe as a valid process, available for open, read, write and debug.

* * Credits for the method: Zula BattlEye Bypass (google it, please, if you're curious, as UC links are forbidden on this forum) * *

Author: SunBeam

The source of information - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint

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