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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2: Table for Cheat Engine {gideon25}


- Total Score

- Money

-  Total XP

-  Stat Points   

Always Special  

Perfect Balance 

Always Special (alternate)

 Combo Multipliers        
- Manually Enter Combo Multiplier (use this or one of the Multipliers)    
- x2 (Calculated when trick ends)    
- x4 (Calculated when trick ends)    
- x8 (Calculated when trick ends)    
- x25 (Calculated when trick ends)    
- x100 (Calculated when trick ends)

Freeze Time (normal modes the countDOWN timer (Numpadl) (only toggle on once RUN HAS BEGUN)

Instantly Finish Speedrun (Ctrl+S) -> Must Finish One goal First! (Caution, careful with online leaderboards!) 

Author:  gideon25

The source of information - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

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