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Tormented Souls: Table for Cheat Engine v2020.3.12.45766 {Dante}


  • Enable Cheats - Hotkey 1
  • Unlimited Health - Hotkey 2
  • Equipped Weapon Unlimited ammo - Hotkey 3
  • Get Items
  • Unlimited item use (use with caution may affect key items) - Hotkey 4
  • Saves count (save or load once to get)


  • I've used mostly Cheat Engine Mono features so table should be work with all verions of the game.
  • First activate "Enable Cheats" script this will activate required mono features.
  • Activation May Take Few Seconds,be patient.
  • "Get Items" lists first 23 items and their counts in Resources panel. I think thats enaugh .
    After activated you must go to inventory and to Resources panel once . Then you can change the quantity of desired item.
    Don't be to greedy, game lets you carry upto 99 item in one slot. Then creates new one when you pick same item.
  • "Unlimited item use" increases item count by 1 after you use an item. Use with caution can create duplicate key items.
    Not happened to me but can corrupt safe files, maybe.
  • "Saves count" shows how many times you saved. After activated you must save or load once to see count.
  • I've added comments at to scripts to make easy to understand. Feel free to check and play with it.
  • I've not compleated the game yet, but i think table has enaugh cheats. I don't know if i will update the table or not.
  • Please don't paste this CT elsewhere without linking to this thread.
  • I'm not a native English speaker , sorry if i had grammar mistakes.
    Edit: Unlimited Health script was sometimes causing to crash game when trying to save. I've changed the script from reading max health to writing float 100.

Author: Dante

The source of information - Tormented Souls

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