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Total War: Three Kingdoms - Table for Cheat Engine {STN}

- Features -

Unlimited money

Add xp

Unlimited Morale (be careful using this)

Zero Morale (be careful using this)

Unlimited Skill points

Unlimited Movement

Unlimited Public Order

Unlimited Military Supplies

Instant Construction

Instant Reforms

Unlimited Town Population

Max Credibility

Unlimited Reserves

- Notes:-
Add xp cheat will disable itself after 10k xp is added. Just hover over your character to see it take effect or bring up the character details window.

For the morale cheats, make sure you pause the game during battle then select the unit you wish to have unlimited or zero morale. Unpause the game and make sure you don't hover over any other unit. Will fine tune it later. Keep the unit in focus for the cheat to be in effect

Public Order, Town Population and Reserves cheats will take effect when you hover or select the town you wish to affect.

Max Credibility - Open the diplomatic window and hover over credibility to see it take effect.

Instant Construction will make the required number of turns to be 0 = 1 turn construction.

Bring up the reforms window to see instant reforms take effect after you've issued a reform

No Unit Health yet, still working on that. However, these should be more than enough for you to conquer the whole map  . It was for me hehe.

Author: STN

The source of information - Total War: Three Kingdoms

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