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Total War: Three Kingdoms - Table for Cheat Engine {STN}

- Features -

  • Unlimited money
  • Add xp
  • Unlimited Morale (be careful using this)
  • Zero Morale (be careful using this)
  • Unlimited Skill points
  • Unlimited Movement
  • Unlimited Public Order
  • Unlimited Military Supplies
  • Instant Construction
  • Instant Reforms
  • Unlimited Town Population
  • Max Credibility
  • Unlimited Reserves

Changed behavior of xp and skill script. You can now add/modify xp and skills to the amount you like.

-Character Satisfaction
-AI Diplomacy yesmen
-Massive Food Output
-Infinite reforms
-Maximum Reserves
-Maximum Public Order
-Character pointer
-Money pointer
-Faction Curreny Pointer
-Set Faction Currency
-Units Instantly Level up
-Maximum Spy Cover
-Maximum Spy Network
-Year Modification

Author: STN

The source of information - Total War: Three Kingdoms

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