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Touhou Genso Wanderer -Lotus Labyrinth Reloaded- Table for Cheat Engine v1.02 {WhoamI_xxx}

This is a simple cheat table.
But something you should NOTICE:

  • 1. Material :

The Address Group Comprises an arithmetic sequence, and the common difference of successive members is A0.
But be CAUTIOUS when you attempt to change multiple values simultaneously.

  • 2. Floors Passed :

If you are on the 5th floor, then it should be 4, as you have passed 4 floors.
But: Remember to UNLOCK it (the checkbox) before leave the Labyrinth/maze.

  • 3. Team :

Please CHECK the NUMBER of your teammates and DO NOT let the CHANGEs of VALUEs exceed the NUMBER of your TEAMMATEs, in other words, if you have 11 TEAMMATEs (excluding PLAYER) , you SHOULDN'T change the VALUE of the 12th's.

  • 4. Guest :

There will exist some "GUESTs" in specific labyrinth.
DON'T use in other circumstances

  • 5.  :

the Max Value is 200000 (NOTICE: ditto.)

Author: WhoamI_xxx

The source of information - Touhou Genso Wanderer

DOWNLOAD (4.1 Kb) 2021-May-30

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