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Tower Of Time: Table for Cheat Engine {Straputsky}

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Table with some pointers and scripts. Worked on my Laptop and PC, so might work for you as well. A few notes:

"Alignment" - you need to reload savegame to take effect (i.e. set it to 20 and reload savegame), needs to be redone each game session

"Cloaked" - The enemy will do nothing, just stand there and ignore you - haven't tested it very well so not sure about side effects

"Crafting Tier" - View crafting menu, switch to table and adjust the tier, switch back and choose another gear to craft - it should update to the chosen tier now (and no, you can't create tier 5 items this way, I already tried...  )

Script for Skill Power sets it to a flat +350% for all companions, no matter the gear - not sure if it affects enemies as well

Script for Cooldown sets it to a flat -100% for all companions, no matter the gear - not sure if it affects enemies as well (cooldown time is still limited to half the original time, so -50% might be enough, however some battlefields can affect cooldown time)

The values in both scripts are easy to spot and can be changed to your liking. However it's always a flat value for all your companions, because I don't know to do arithmetics with float values.

There is a script for the char editor es well, however the added pointers are a bit outdated. You need to update it from the pointers list. The (red marked) base pointer has been stable for all my games. The benefit of the pointer is, it stays on the last Hero you looked at. You can then modify the Hero on the fly inside a battle (you have to restart the battle that is, but you don't have to reload the whole battleground). The lua script catches the base pointer by its name, therefore you can easily swap it out with another one in case mine doesn't work for you. Simply delete the old one and name the new one exactly like the deleted one (or adjust the script).

Author: Straputsky

The source of information - Tower Of Time

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