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Trials of Mana: Table for Cheat Engine {Cielos}

[battle scripts]:
[battle scripts] must be activated.
- health still drop when being hit until it reaches the min HP specified, default: 1, can be changed via the entry.
- set min HP to full health to lock the HP at full.
- works on the whole party.
- note that if a damage taken is greater than your current HP, you'd be knocked down on the ground, but you'll get up again immediately.

full MP
[battle scripts] must be activated.
- as title says, lock MP at full always.

full CS gauge
[battle scripts] must be activated.
- as title says, lock CS gauge at full always.

[k&m control scripts]:
walk/sprint key
[k&m control scripts] must be activated.
- by script default, when activated, hold Ctrl key to walk, Shift key to sprint.

mouse sensitivity multiplier
[k&m control scripts] must be activated.
- as title says, script would multiply the mouse sensitivity by the specified multiplier, default: x2.

analogue movement simulation
[k&m control scripts] must be activated.
- when activated, turning with WASD would be smoother than the original the awkward instant turning.
- need to turn this off in the ring menu and training menu though, as the controls would be unpredictable there, may refine it later. in mean time, if you're interested in this script, just make a hot-key with CE so that you can toggle this script easily in-game.

plus some basic pointers like the hp/mp (for the heal hot-keys to work) and player coords (need to activate [k&m control scripts] script first.

Author: Cielos

The source of information - Trials of Mana

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