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Tropico 6 +DLC: Table for Cheat Engine +30 v1.080 {gideon25}

The new update broke some things and there were a few scripts that needed adjusting from the original ones. All the original stuff in Greenhouses script is fixed. I decided to keep hacking away at it. Was not easy at all. Lots of back tracing and hair pulling, HOURS of it, but I added some extra scripts and a character editor.

For the efficiency hack: you need to adjust each buildings budget individually. The lowest two budget settings now zero out due to floats multiplying I guess. So it needs to be at least on the third budget which will be 100% or so. The 4th and 5th budget setting is where you get the massive efficiency boosts. No, the Fling trainer does NOT do this (I know cause I watched what it did in the code), neither does the c_heat $happens trainer. And being able to edit and effect the TRUE approval and mood stats NOT just the display of them. This is the ONLY table/trainer that does this With the Business and houses scripts you may have to go to your Almanac and click on each building to update? Play around with them. Everything else should be self explanatory.

Author: gideon25

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