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Tropico 6: Table for Cheat Engine {Bdd}


Basics: Edit Money, SwissMoney, Knowledge, Raid Pts, your Current Era.
Activate BaseScan and play a bit, the pointers will come after some time.

MinProds: Gives you a minimal on the products of your fabs etc. Value is editable.
Activate, done.
Value in the Fabs gets updated when someone works inside.
If a mission comes with produce xy many of z you might have to lower the value so your output warehouse of the fab is not full and the workers are able to work.

Power Multiply:
Activate and change the budget of your power plants (Ctrl+Click for all plants) the power output of yout plant will be multiplied by the editable factor.

Author: Bdd

The source of information - Tropico 6

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