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Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail - Table for Cheat Engine +21 v0.6.30 rev. 33996 {Rysefox}


Unlimited Unit Health
Unlimited Unit Condition
Unlimited Ship Health
Unlimited BattleTime
Unlimited MaxZoomIn
Unlimited MaxZoomOut
No Reload
Load Officer Stats (Select a ship) and hit the [ i ] upper right
No Ammunition Current Cost (not tested much)
Load Terrain Data
Unlimited Gold
Unlimited Reputation
Unlimited Skillpoints
Freeze current weight
1 Duration On Map Missions
Unlimited Map Missions
Unlimited Reserve
Unlimited Captives
Ignore Ship Requirement
Min 1 Ship for Missions
Increase Max Ship Amounts

Author: Rysefox

The source of information - Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail

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