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Uncharted Ocean: Table for Cheat Engine {dharthoorn}

How to use:
1. Hook the THIRD process instance of Hanghai.exe (which is the SQL thread). Scripts should work from the title screen, if not, you either hooked the wrong process or my table needs updating.
2. Use 6.7+ version of CE with support of "Link to other memory record for Dropdown list" functionality. (Thanks a million to Panraven & Mgr.inz.player for that feature it is GREAT.)

- London Black Market hack --> Modify items for sale there. This is the main gateway to cheat items.
- Ship hack --> Only 2 ships for now. Very easy to add more but I am lazy and I particularly chose the Saint Philip Giant Merchant Ship because NPC's do not use it (you cannot even obtain the Blueprint without cheating). Anything you modify for Ships affects NPC's sailing that Ship as well. Although gun loadout may be hardcoded for NPC I didn't test.
- Extensive Item ID lists (90% Complete) --> It's a WIP in Excel (and a total boring hell to compile) but I put most into dropdown lists so you can select items relatively quick and easy. Please use it so my time and effort does not feel wasted.

Steam Legit: \Steam\userdata\<YourUserID>\1158690\remote\SavesDir\Save1.sav
Seriously. The game normally only saves the database upon exit and illegal edit goofs usually result in a white screen freeze but you CAN corrupt the database (and your save) with unwanted Legal edits that prevent the save from loading. I KNOW because I did it during testing, fortunately I had a backup. You have been warned. Remember to disable Steam cloud save if you need to restore.

Some research notes;
This game seems to use SQL databases for much (if not all) of its referenced data arrays. The interaction with said databases seems to run in a separate process. Since this particular process is started as the third process after running the game you should hook the THIRD process when you use this Table.
Adding data directly to the arrays from anything other than command line SQL is extremely tricky since many data arrays use embedded pointers to other arrays and it's really easy to corrupt the whole database.

Minds greater than my own when it comes to cheat tables, like tfigment, have made an excellent SQL lua plugin for Star Traders Frontier. From what I have seen, this game seems to use the same architecture (perhaps the same engine). I will PM him/her and ask if they are willing to make something similar for this game.

For now, have fun with it, and if you have any specific feature requests or need help with its use, feel free to ask.

Author: dharthoorn

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