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UnderRail: Table for Cheat Engine {tfigment}

Here is an updated table forked from Csimbi's table that I've verified most of what I consider the key functions for me.
Changes Made:

  • Remove God Mode On, Infinite Psi by default
  • Update pointer for psi address
  • Add pointer for psi reserve address
  • Update Max Carry Weight Mod to remove a conflict
  • Fix Max Carry Weight offset, XP Offset in main script
  • Add Item Editor Variant on Mouse Over
  • Replace the Action/Movement scripts with Combat Movement tracker which allows editing of the Action Points used in combat. Includes Initial value editor for start of turn values for player

This was tested on Steam version with AMD processor in case that matters.

Author: tfigment

The source of information - UnderRail

DOWNLOAD (11.8 Kb) 2021-Dec-30

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