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Undertale: Table for Cheat Engine +15 v1.08 {TheInsaneHacker}

- Recover Health
- Current Health
- Current Experience
- Current Gold
- Current Love
- Health enemie 1
- Health enemie 2
- Change Language

2 Speedhacks
Compact UI Cheat engine

Update 2.0:
Made a few changes in the Lua script, the script will only execute when you are in a fight now.

Update (3.0):
Changed the lua script hotkey. You have to Press F1 to stop the script.
Made a few more hotkeys, the table is more 'user friendly' now.
Added current player health while you are in the boss fight
Added Floweys Health during the boss fight

There is a Lua script inside this table, this Lua script gives you infinite health during a fight. To open the script, press Table (next to Edit and D3D) and then press Show cheat table Lua script. When you attach cheat engine to the game and load this table. You'll be asked to execute this Lua script. It's recommended to press no, but it doesn't really matter because the script will only execute when you are in a fight.

Author: TheInsaneHacker

The source of information - Undertale

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