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Unending Dusk: Table for cheat Engine v1.8.0 {ndck76}

Invincibility *Hotkey Included* (No conditions needed. May take a while to take effect)
Infinite Health Option 1 *Hotkey Included* (Need to get first first, then activate the cheat)
Infinite Health Option 2 *Hotkey Included* (Switch to this option when losing health by stepping on mines)
Infinite Ability *Hotkey Included* (Use your ability first, then activate this cheat)
Instant Special Fill-Up *Hotkey Included* (Earn some hit points, then activate this cheat)
1 Billion Credits Option 1 *Hotkey Included* (Use this when you are in the hideout, spend minimum credit with some remaining credit balance. Recommend using this when you first started in the hideout)
1 Billion Credits Option 2 *Hotkey Included* (Use this option if you want to earn credits in battle instead. Collect some credits, then activate this cheat)
1 Billion Experience Points - Level 50 *Hotkey Included* (To be used only once the battle. First kill some enemies and then activate this cheat. You only need to kill 1 enemy on the next kill for the cheat to take effect. After this you can deactivate it)

Author: ndck76

The source of information - Unending Dusk

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