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Vagrus - The Riven Realms: Table for Cheat Engine {The Mogician}

-Money, pretty straight forward. The money is basically white coin*100 + brown coin*10 + yellow coin*1.
-Selected Character Insight
-Selected Character Proficiency
These two requires you to select the companion and open the character sheet up before you can use it.
-Combat Health, Armor, Evasion, Block
These four requires you to be in combat mode, select the character you want to modify and do your thing.

For the Pilgrims of the Wastes tutorial campaign, you can use the last pointers to cheat and defeat the Last Pilgrimage but the devs will actually call you out on it. They basically say "this is impossible, you cheated" and they will make you load a previous save.

Okay, I added a second version for the initial release with some attributes of the caravan such as nutrient, obedience and whatnot.

Just for clarification, the proficiency and insight pointers will be populated when you go to the character sheet and click the laurel icon (which brings you into the allocation screen). The combat pointers should populate when you enter combat and click on a certain combatant. If you see the character information on the lower right corner, it should populate.

Author: The Mogician

The source of information - Vagrus

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