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Valdis story: Abyssal City - Table for Cheat Engine +8 v1.0.0.23 {kemenner}

I modified the table made by Cielos, provided by NotABot, to include some extra pointers and update some of the existing ones.

- Pointers for combo rank, combo XP multiplier and combo rank down timer. It turns out that there're 2 different timers for the combo, one is for the actual combo to disappear and the second one is for lowering your combo rank. The current combo cheat ignores the rank down timer, which causes some weird behavior with the ranking system. For example, the displayed rank could say God Slayer, but in reality, your rank would be Novice, and since you think is God Slayer you don't pay much attention to it. However, you'll start noticing that your style rank in boss fights won't increase like it should if your rank were God Slayer and that the experience earned is no multiplied like it should. With my update your Combo Rank won’t decrease, enjoy seeing that sweet style percentage increase.
- A pointer for multiplying your character speed. Noticed how a high dark affinity increases your speed, well it turns out that’s because it increases a speed multiplier. With the pointer to this multiplier you can achieve double speed (or more, didn't test other numbers), which is more than what the dark affinity bonus gives.
- Pointer for the focus super. If you freeze the timer once you activate the focus mode and then freeze the super pointer, then you can spam the super continuously.
- Pointers for Strength, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. Modify your stats directly without the need to spend a Stat Point. The max I tried was 999 for each, which makes you OP.
- Retries pointer. You have to die once and then retry, this way the pointer updates. Change it to zero just before the final fight to enjoy that sweet perfect rank.


Author: kemenner

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