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Vestaria Saga: Tasble for Cheat Engine {DrummerIX}

CannonFodder made a table for the Japanese freeware version of this game. This game is now out on Steam in English.

It was made in SRPG Studio, so not a fantastic engine. This game was made by Fire Emblem creator Kaga, so is an old school Fire Emblem type game if you like that. I kind of like the Fire Emblem series, so bought this game.

Anyway, CannonFodder's table required some updates for this English release to work right. I updated some offsets and where it was injected, but kept the overall layout of his original table. Thanks to CannonFodder for his original work on the Japanese table.

Options so far:
Unlimited Move
Quick Level Up
Pointers to many things.

You can edit many things with the pointers such as stats. Each class has maximum values for stats indicated by green coloring in the status menu. You are able to edit these max values as well with the second option pointers.

Anyway, to begin using, just enable the first option and set the Update Base Address to 1 and hover over a character.

Author: DrummerIX

The source of information - Vestaria Saga

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