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Vicewave 1984: Table for Cheat Engine {rephunter}


- Invincibility
You'll be invincible, meaning that you won't die.

- Infinite Ammo
The ammo of your guns won't decrease.

- Change Money
Change money to the amount you desire.

- Change Lung Capacity
Change lung capacity to anything, or freeze it, so you won't ever drown.

- Change Level
Change your level what you desire.

- Change Experience
Change the experience you what you desire.

- Change Health and Armor
Change your health and armor to anything. In case you don't want invincibility, but just be thougher.

- Edit Current Gun
Change the current gun you have equipped. This includes the 'Infinite Ammo' option, damage, rapid fire, range, change ammo used, making it automatic, and a few more.

- Edit Current Melee Weapon
Change two settings from the currently equipped melee weapon: Damage and Hit Delay.

- Edit Current Vehicle
Change the vehicle that is the nearest to you. If you freeze 'Lock' to unlocked, any car near you will always be unlocked. Also you can change health, fuel, NOS Capacity and a few more.

- Remove Collision
Makes your character able to walk through any walls. You can use Numpad 0 to enable/disable.

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