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Vigil: The Longest Night - Table for Cheat Engine {ndck76}

Infinite Health *Hotkey Included* (Can be activated immediately. Using pointer as health)
Infinite Stamina & Magic *Hotkey Included* (Use some of your stamina, then activate this script)
Infinite Quick Items *Hotkey Included* (Use at least one of your health potions, then activate this script. You can also equip other items like as well including throwing knifes, Molotov, Dynamite, etc)
Max Level Up & Skills points *Hotkey Included* (Kill an enemy first, then activate this script. Then will you kill your next enemy, you will level up. This can only be done once)
1 Billion Gold *Hotkey Included* (Collect some gold then activate this script. The value will update at the next kill)
1K Small Shimmer stones *Hotkey Included* (You need at least 2 or 3 stones in your possession. Go to Maye Town and visit the Smithy. These stones are meant to upgrade your weapon & armor attack or defense stats. Each weapon & armor can only forge 3 times max)

Health Editor (Provided some pointer scan results for the health as a backup)
Small Shimmer stone Editor (Need use a stone first, then activate the script )

Author: ndck76

The source of information - Vigil: The Longest Night

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