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War for the Overworld: Table for Cheat Engine v2.0.6 {Csimbi}

Here's a script for 2.0.6 (or whatever the current version is on Steam today).
It will ruin all the fun in the game real quick so I'd recommend you tweak the default vars a bit.

The script gives you:
- God mode; even for your uncontrollable units (e.g. angry creatures).
- Grant Basic Needs; your creatures feel no need for: hunger, sleep, tavern, gold and blood thirst. (They'll still consume these but they won't feel the need for them so they don't get angry even if you can't fulfill these desires.)
- Minimum Efficiency; so you don't need to administer slaps.
- Wage mod; scales the gold your creatures collect on payday.
- Minimum Creature Gold; as long as this is active, it puts a pre-defined number of gold pieces in the pocket of your units. This can be used to fill up your treasury real quick. I'd recommend you keep it turned off when you don't need it so your imps can focus on other things, too and then your dungeon won't be cluttered with gold piles either. 

Note: in order to enable the script, you need to hover over one of your creates for a sec and slap it at least once.

Props to TechnoJacker.

Update #1
I missed two player checks.
One in XP and another in Wage mod, causing these to take effect for player #0 only.
Now they work irrespective of player id.


Author: Csimbi

The source of information - War for the Overworld

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