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Warcraft III: Reforged - Table for Cheat Engine v1.32.1.14604 {BreathTaken}

Hi, welcome to another one of my lame releases and my first time using aobscans. I don't have intentions on adding more but who knows, this has all been done before but can't find many updated cheat tables for wc3 and especially not for Reforged. So here ya' go 

These are individually laid out and asynchronously executed, not the fastest way to scan but it gets the job done. Made them up as pointers for easy reference and update -- I'm sure future patches will be on the way now that we're live.

Join the game as either Red or Blue (or play campaign) and THEN turn on the AOB SCRIPTS, the scripts take a minute while the scans finish. You will see the addresses populate and values appear under your player area in the table, use arrow keys in cheat engine to collapse/expand the charts.

Keep in mind gold and wood are read as VALUE*10 so if you want 1000 wood, you set the value to 10000. Food, zoom etc are normal values unless stated otherwise. Never hurts to just play with a value and see what happens either 

PS I have not pre-set any hotkeys.

Current features:
+Edit Camera Zoom Level (Default value 1650)
[Toggle Scan on/off- hotkey ctrl+alt+numeric plus ]
[Zoom out - hotkey alt+numeric plus ]
[Zoom in - hotkey alt+numeric minus ]

+Edit these values for Red Player 01 and Blue Player 02 and Purple Player 04

Author: BreathTaken

The source of information - Warcraft III: Reforged

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